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Mountain View
Too often we hear about the lack of initiative or independent thinking in young people. Having worked with interns (soon-to-graduate and recent graduates) with various cultural and educational backgrounds ourselves, we realise that the education system of today does not prepare students adequately for future personal and professional challenges.

We are on a mission to change it. We’ve taken over two decades of industry experience and advanced coaching skills to schools and universities helping students develop an achiever’s mindset, enhance creativity and problem solving skills, and learn the best strategies for achieving goals, be it better academic results, less stress, or successful leading of self and others. We also assist them in gaining clarity about the direction of their further education and in making sound career choices.

Our programs accommodate any budget: from a 1 hour inspirational talk to a 1 day workshop to a comprehensive personal development program that can be integrated into your school’s curriculum – we’ll work with you to create a solution that best suits your students’ needs.

Please contact us to find out more or to let a select group of your students join us in one of our upcoming events.


guest speaking

Inspirational Talks

Inspiring students to think big and achieve ‘the impossible’. The author of The Little Nomad shares his story of realising big goals against all odds.

corporate training


Innovative enrichment programs that transform mindsets, guide careers and build employability skills.

executive coaching


Maximum impact Individual and group coaching sessions carried out at our bootcamps and Mastermind retreats.

advisory service

Advisory Services

Streamlining processes for optimal performance, more time and less stress to provide learning experience closer to the ideal.